Youth Leadership Washington County

Youth Leadership Washington County (YLWC) is designed for 11th and 12th grade students who want to learn to be leaders or learn to be more effective leaders. You don’t have to be the president of your class or a team captain or ranked high in your class. If you think you have leadership potential, or you have a desire to learn more about leadership and opportunities in your county then Youth Leadership Washington County is for you.

The purpose of YLWC is to train students in leadership techniques and community awareness so that they may become familiar with current issues, community resources, opportunities and other factors influencing Washington County’s future. The students work on three areas: self-development, self-awareness and leadership — while also meeting local, state, and national individuals who impact the future of Washington in various areas of education, economic development, government, tourism etc.

An application is available online in two formats, choose either one:
Word logo A Word Doc YLWC Application form is available online - here.
PDF icon PDF YLWC Application form is available online - here.
For more information about this program, please contact Cynthia McMillian at Delta 180.

Award-Winning Delta 180 Documentary
—— communicates our vision

Our film, Delta 180: Changing Lives In The Mississippi Delta, is gaining attention at prestigious film festivals around the world. The film has won top honors at the
Northern California Film Festival - Best Short Documentary (2013)
Crossroads Film Festival - Best Short Documentary (2013)
Madrid International Film Festival - Best Short Documentary (2013)

Read more, and view the Delta 180 Film Documentary here . . .

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Choose a path . . .

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As individuals, our direction (our path) and our momentum are always changing. The Delta 180 program enables an individual's path to connect with paths of many gifted Mississippi Delta residents — transforming our lives with opportunity in measurable degrees.

. . . of opportunity . . .


... -in alphabetical order-
-City of Greenville
-First Presbyterian Church
-Greenville Public School District
-Washington County Youth Court

— along with community leaders, local businesses, the faith-based community and the local arts community.